Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My First Cub Camp at Mount Seymour

Last weekend I drove our scouts up to Mount Seymour and dropped them off at the parking lot for a weekend camp.  This brought me back to my first cub camp.  It was held at Mount Seymour in the snow. The scouts came with toboggans and hauled our gear in to the cabin. I recall having cold feet when I arrived at the cabin.

I also still recall the awe when I got to the cabin and realized that the snow was three times my height!  I recall running around in the cabin. Burnaby region still owns that same cabin. Our scouts had to use a different cabin because the Burnaby one was waiting for some repairs, but you get off at the same parking lot, shown below.

I joined cubs in 1969 and still have my membership card for 1st Burnaby Southview pack, which met in Maywood School:

Within a few weeks of me joining, the previous Akela, Al MacLean retired and I got a new female Akela by the name of Beth Reynolds.  Female Akelas were rare at that time, but I didn't care as long as I got to go camping! That's what I was in it for.  And my Akela didn't let me down!

I'm glad I get to volunteer and help another generation of young people have the joy and character-building experience of camping!  I usually just work with the cubs, but then, most of these guys were my cubs just a few years ago, and they needed a driver for the Friday departure, and I'm always glad to help!

From the pictures I got to see of the camp, it looks like they had a great time!