Sunday, January 31, 2010

Born and Raised in BC

So, having created a blog for my fascination and obsession with software, and another for my faith in God, I thought it was time to create one that I could use just to celebrate this wonderful place that I live in, called British Columbia. For several years I travelled about twice a month, and during that time I saw a lot of places. I enjoyed meeting new people and some of the places were very interesting, but there after all this time, I began to conclude that I really did live in the best place in the world!

I was born in Vancouver General hospital, as our family was moving from Vancouver to Burnaby. When my mother returned home with me, we were living in the old BC Electric Jubilee Train station. When I was 4, we moved across the street into a big old house at 4736 Imperial Street, Burnaby 1, BC. Yes, you had different postal regions in Burnaby then (it was a big place!) And our phone number was Hemlock 5-7029. Bet you didn't know that the 43 exchange was named Hemlock (all the original exchanges had names.)

We moved to Mission, when I was 12, and at that time you could dial the last 5 digits of any number in the Mission area and you'd get through.

When I reached college age, I moved back to Burnaby and Vancouver and then moved around the lower mainland and Fraser Valley. When I married, for the first several years, Loretta and I lived in New Westminster. Then we moved to Vancouver and have lived in the Collingwood area ever since.

So, you see, my greatest and most momentous experiences all took place in this province!

This is just an introductory post. I have lots of stories of things past, and things present, and sometimes I'll contrast the past and the present. I plan for the future, live in the present, and have great memories of the past!

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  1. No, you didn't live in the train station; you lived in the train station master's home. There was just a little covered over shed for the "train".