Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day - 1967 Centenial Celebration

This morning on News 1130, as part of a Canada Day segment, they played a song that I had not heard in a looooong time! It was that song from the 1967 Centenial celebration.

Wow did it bring back some memories! I dug around on YouTube and found a great clip of the song, with lots of pictures. I remember that maple leaf made of triangles all over the place (even have it on my Scouting campfire blanket!)

I was 7 turning 8 when I first heard that song, and I remember that it felt like the most glorious, happy, optimistic song. That was a very special year for me (I'll blog about that, some time.) I loved the feeling of celebration that the song presented, and the fact that the main singers were children like me!

Here's a picture of me about that time (I'm on my dad's lap on the left):

It felt like a wonderful, optimistic world, despite that so-called experts were telling us that we'd all be wearing gas masks from pollution and starving from overpopulation in less than 20 years. Funny how children will latch onto the positive and the optimistic, and strive to make that vision a reality. Also funny how grumpy old scientists with an urgent desire to get funding for their pet project will blow a problem out of proportion...

As someone who works with children as a volunteer, I can say that the ones I know seem for the most part to share that same bright, happy, optimistic outlook. I have no doubt that they will find ways to fix the problems that will confront them in the years ahead, even as my generation managed to avoid the gas masks and global starvation.

We live in the best country in the world! Here on the wet coast (or is that WEST coast?) we live in the best region of the best country in the world!

Happy Canada Day!


  1. Happy Canada Day! Enjoy the strawberry pie later. Oh to be a kid again...

  2. If it werent' for the hair cuts on your brothers (and Dad) I would swear (and I almost never swear) that was Matthew sitting on the knee... Remarkable! (and who is Bruce?)
    -- Mark

  3. For some reason, all your posts come through as "Bruce".