Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday was on Monday of this week (April 4th), so I thought I'd post some old family photos on my blog. The next three pictures are of my 3rd birthday party:

I have no idea who the little boy in the background is. Obviously he was a friend of mine, but I can't place him.

I actually remember the cake and the party and getting the covered wagon. I really liked that toy!

The picture below is from the yard of the house we were in. This house was actually the old Jubilee Interurban Station, which we were renting from BC Electric. I blog about living here in another post.

Here are my older brothers and sisters, on the porch of the Jubilee Station house. Antoon is holding me (probably so I don't escape!) This is quite a bit before my 3rd birthday.

This next picture is a family portrait that hung on the wall. It was taken probably closer to my 4th birthday, as Margaret (my little sister) is already born.

And here I am, at a very early age. Already into the communications technology. I think you can see that it was inevitable!

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  1. Hi Robert, Great set of pictures. From the expression on your face you must have received some great news over the telephone.
    Cheers, Gordon