Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Week December 2010

We had a very enjoyable Christmas and we're not done with it! Earlier this last week, Matthew had us over to his new place for dinner. We listened to his record player, had a great cheese-with truffle on crackers and bread appetizer, and an excellent dinner, followed by watching the video "Being There".

A brief clip of our visit is contained here:

Then we had a Matthew over for Christmas Eve, after we went to Willingdon Church and enjoyed their Christmas Eve. program. He stayed overnight and we opened presents in the morning. Loretta blogged about it here:

Then on Christmas day, in the afternoon, the family came over for a turkey dinner. I'd picked up a free-range turkey we had ordered from our butcher shop, "Windor Meats" on Main near 25th. These turkeys are a bit pricey but they completely beat anything else we've ever eaten! We also celebrated two birthdays, one of which was for my youngest nephew who became a teenager on Christmas day. Our Jack Russell Terrier stole the show, as you can see from this video. Actually, it wasn't that bad. She just wound up with a lot of cute footage that I couldn't bring myself to cut.

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  1. Robert, I found this just now. Oh what wonderful memories. Thanks so much for putting it on here. How I miss my dear little dog....